Finding Yourself, Finding Community.

We do identity work here.

Identity encompasses every aspect of who we are as a person, and as part of a community. It is not just genetic markers. It is also sex, gender, orientation, likes and dislikes, relationships, history, and so much more! Identity is wrapped up in the question: who am I as a whole person? We help you navigate this complex question without judgment. We specialize in navigating every aspect of your identity and how they intersect to make the entire you!

Individual Therapy

One-on-one, personalized sessions in a weekly 50-minute appointment format.

Parent Coaching

Offered in a one-off format – dedicated time for you to ask questions, learn how to lovingly support your queer/trans teen, and/or learn more about decolonized, expansive parenting.

Group Therapy

Heal in community. Learn coping skills and receive support from other like-minded individuals, guided by a licensed therapist. Offered weekly and bi-weekly in small-group, hour-long sessions.

Drop-In Healing Circle

A practice rooted in indigenous culture which celebrates our interdependence – a space to lean on each other and be committed to your own healing as well as each others.

You might be a 2SLGBTQ+ person. You might be a third culture kid or someone who is part of an immigrant family. You might be reclaiming your sense of self as a recovering people-pleaser, high-achiever, or someone lost in toxic relationships. Whatever the details of your story, we want you to know that we get it, and we’re here for you.

Focusing on your story and your identity doesn’t mean we ignore what’s happening around you – it just means that we keep you in the center of the conversation. And we believe that when you are able to step into your own joy and power, you are better able to connect to your community, those around you, and to meaningful relationships with the Earth and the collective.