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What are your fees?

Therapy is an investment that comes with serious returns.

Individual psychotherapy appointments are $175 for a 50-minute appointment.

We offer a sliding scale, and use the “green bottle” method to help you determine where you fall on that scale. If you fall within the full bottle, please pay the full $175 fee. If you fall within the middle bottle, you may pay a supported fee of $150. If you fall within the third bottle, you may pay a supported fee of $125.

Group therapy appointments are $60 per 60-minute session. 

Drop-In Healing Circles are pay-what-you-can (suggested $15-40).

As an out-of-network provider, I have partnered with Mentaya to help my clients save money on therapy. Use this tool to see if you qualify for out-of-network insurance reimbursement for my services.

Do you have a sliding scale?

Yes! We allocate 20% of our individual psychotherapy spots for sliding scale clients at all times. Therapy is hard enough to get started, and we want to make this as accessible as possible while still providing a fair exchange for services for our practitioners. Please reach out to us directly if you are experiencing financial hardship and wish to be added to the waitlist for a sliding scale spot.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you must cancel an appointment, 24 hours notice is required. If you do not provide 24 hours notice, you will be charged a cancellation fee of $75. This isn’t to be mean! But, as we’ll talk about in therapy, one of the most important things that we can do for ourselves and others is to uphold kind boundaries, and this is one of those.

Fee notes:

We view therapy as one of the most rewarding investments you can make. Our fees are comparable to other therapists with similar experience and training.

We have chosen to not work directly with insurance because… 

  • Insurance companies require diagnosis for reimbursement, as well as treatment reports saying that you are making progress, but not enough to stop therapy. 
    • We believe that you are a better judge of your own mental health, and we advocate for your own autonomy. 
  • We want you to be completely in charge of your decision-making.
    • Insurers often try to make decisions for you regarding the types of treatment you can receive,and how long you can receive treatment.
    • Wellness has no finish line and we don’t want you to be limited by an insurance policy. 
  • We are making an active effort to divest from colonized frameworks of mental health. One important step is approaching mental health care away from big business and the current insurance system, which does not have the best interest of any of us in mind – providers or clients!

That said, we understand that insurance is a current pathway to accessibility, and we will provide a superbill that you can submit for out-of-network benefits if requested. 

How do I get started?

Contact me to set up your free 15-minute consultation or book it directly online! I can’t wait to hear from you!

Is this confidential?

Yes! With some exceptions, primarily around the safety of yourself and others, that we will review together. If you are under the age of 18, your parents have rights to your medical information, but we ask parents to respect confidentiality between clients and therapists; and will ask parents and clients to agree together to what is okay to be shared.

How will I know if this is working?

This question is complicated because it’s so individualized. Together with your therapist you will decide what success looks like for you – and this can change over time! Progress might look like obvious changes: you use a coping skill to stop a panic attack, you communicate what you want in your relationship, you set a boundary with someone who’s asking too much. It might also be a little harder to see: you understand yourself better, you can handle challenging situations more confidently, you feel more authentically yourself.
And a note: when you start therapy, you might feel worse before you start to feel better. When you go digging past some of the defenses that you’ve put up over the years, it can feel a little messy and it can be painful. That’s normal, and we’re here with you while you move through it.

What if I don't like my therapist?

We know that the most important factor for therapy to work is the relationship between the client and the therapist. If after a few sessions you feel that it’s not the right fit, we can help to refer you to another therapist. There are no hard feelings! This is your journey, and it’s important that it feels good for you! This is also why we offer a free 15-minute consultation session to get a feel for if our practice and philosophies are a good fit for you.

I don't live in Texas, can I still work with you?

At this time, we are only licensed and able to provide online teletherapy appointments for those physically located in the states of Texas, New Jersey, and Florida. We plan to be able to provide online therapy in New Mexico soon too!

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